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Review: Labour – a party fit for imperialism

Robert Clough – second edition
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A lot of radicals I’ve spoken to have bemoaned what they regard as the passiveness of the working class in Britain relative to continental Europe. There’s no point in just moaning about this – we have to get to what’s causing this passivity and do whatever it takes to remove it.

Over the years, I’ve read various pieces and the occasional book about how the ruling class in this country have, to date, always managed to throw enough crumbs at the upper sections of the working class to dissuade them from open revolt when things get bad. The ruling class have more often than not been able to successfully implement a policy of divide and rule by demonising the lower sections of the working class as feckless scroungers – a tactic that is willingly carried out by an overwhelmingly right wing media.

There’s the elephant in the sitting room – the legacy of empire. Let us not forget that it was the spoils of empire that enabled the ruling class to buy off the upper sections of the working class and forestall any serious risk of an uprising when things have got tough. It was the wealth leeched from Britain’s colonies that helped to fund the Welfare State after the end of WW2. A leeching that played no small part in the independence movements and revolts against British rule from the 1940s onwards.

All along the ruling class have had a willing assistant in this project – the Labour Party. What Labour – a party fit for imperialism does is offer a forensic examination of how the party really represented the interests of the skilled sections of the working class and saw it’s role as managing the more precarious sections of the class. From the outset, Labour realised that the spoils of empire were needed to give the skilled members of the working class the standard of living they thought they deserved. Hence, while there may have been some debate about how those spoils were extracted to be brought back to Britain, Labour has always had an interest in defending the imperialist project.

Until the legacy of empire is finally exposed for what it really is and consigned to the dustbin of history, the project of bringing about radical change in Britain will be getting nowhere. Labour – a party fit for imperialism provides the toolkit needed to debunk the toxic legacy of empire. However, what it also does by revealing Labour’s historic complicity in the project of imperialism is show the enormity of the task we have in slinging the legacy of empire into the dustbin once and for all.

The task of exposing Labour’s complicity in the imperialist project is not helped by the slavish devotion of the ranks of Momentum supporters to their messiah, Jeremy Corbyn. At the moment, it’s this plus the Trotskyists such as the Socialist Workers Party who support Momentum that’s posing one of the major barriers to building a movement that will bring meaningful, radical change. While we may not always see eye-to-eye with the Revolutionary Communist Group who brought out Labour – a party fit for imperialism, when it comes to the task of exposing Labour’s sordid role in promoting the imperialist project, we regard them as valuable allies…

Dave (the editor)


EVERYTHING TO GAIN (and everything to lose)

Editor’s note: This was originally published on our sister blog, The South Essex STIRRER as a kind of a call to arms. However, as it (hopefully) makes some contribution to the discussion about where radicalism needs to go in these troubled times, it’s worth publishing it here on this blog as well…

We’re entering a period of instability – all that’s solid seems to be melting into air. With an indecisive election and Brexit negotiations descending to the level of farce, our so called rulers look weaker and more divided than ever before. The faction ridden ruling elite of this country have embarked on the first stages of Brexit negotiations with no clear idea of what they want or how they’re going to get it. A fractured so called party of government seems to be more fixated on who’s going to replace the hapless Theresa May as prime minister and leader rather than getting it’s head around understanding exactly what Brexit entails.

A breakdown of trust

At local council level, councillors and council officers all too often are found to be self serving and incompetent. The Grenfell Tower disaster showed up the so called ruling elite at the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea as arrogant, out of touch and uncaring – it was ordinary people on the ground who took over the initial relief and recovery effort while the authorities floundered around.

Across the south of Essex, we struggle to find anyone who has a good word to say about their local authorities. Southend Council are obsessed with pointless vanity projects such as the museum on the cliff top instead of addressing the homelessness crisis in the town. Basildon Council can’t even organise a weekly rubbish collection on estates such as the ¾ in Vange without leaving bags of uncollected rubbish strewn all over the place. Thurrock Council are in full control freak mode attempting to dictate which media outlets can and can’t report on their proceedings and refusing members of campaign groups the right to ask questions at council meetings. People are losing what little faith they had in local councils to do the job of serving the public…

Whether, it’s at national or local level, trust in governance is declining, yet nothing appears to be happening to bring about real change. Much of the left has been subsumed into the bizarre cult of Jeremy Corbyn, buying into the deluded notion that should he manage to form a government, everything will be all right. The Corbynistas need to take a look at the dismal record of London Labour councils when it comes to socially cleansing the working class from London in the name of ‘regeneration’ – maybe that would give them the reality check they need. Everyone else appears to be just hunkering down and getting on with things as best they can…

There has to be a challenge

While the powers that be are divided and appear to be blundering from one crisis to another without a clue as to where they’re going or what they’re doing, they’ll continue to get away with it until there’s a serious challenge from below. At the moment there appears to be no sense of an opposition that can pose a real threat to the status quo, let alone a desire to move beyond the dysfunctional world we have to endure and build a more just, equitable and sustainable one. While this state of affairs continues, the ruling class can stagger from one crisis to the next safe in the knowledge that in the form of the state, they have the monopoly on the force that’s needed to keep their grip on power, regardless of how tenuous that may seem to be.

While the majority of people are under the illusion that things will be all right and thinks that the third of society that’s suffering needs to get its act together, there will never be a serious challenge to the system. Should things go seriously wrong as a result of another financial crisis or the Brexit process leading to a black swan event, then a large proportion of the population will be screwed. If there’s no significant radical movement in place by that point, we’re in serious trouble.

With the ruling class as divided as it is now, we have the best opportunity there’s been for a long while to build a movement that will bring about fundamental change through collective struggle. That movement can only be built from the grassroots upwards – waiting for the messiah in the form of Jeremy Corbyn will not bring about the change that’s needed. As the title of this piece says, there’s everything to gain if we can get our act together and build that movement. If we can’t, then as the bracketed subtitle suggests, there’s everything to lose…

The toxic impact of the cult of Corbyn

The People’s Assembly organised Tories Out! protest that took place on Saturday 1st July was to all intents and purposes, a Jeremy Corbyn love-fest. Apart from Class War, Plan C and a few other independently minded groups and individuals, the vast majority of the attendees at the march were there for the uncritical worship of Jeremy Corbyn. For the record, Class War left the march at the halfway point, unable to bear listening to one more chorus of ‘Oh, Jeremy Corbyn!’ without losing it, to retire to a pub for a drink and to hatch a plan for an intervention at Parliament Square later on in the proceedings: Oh, Jeremy Corbyn! The People’s Assemblyhttps://architectsforsocialhousing.wordpress.com/2017/07/02/oh-jeremy-corbyn-the-peoples-assembly/

The aim of the intervention was to publicly challenge Corbyn on the record of London Labour councils on social cleansing carried out in the name of ‘re-generation’. For the record, I was one of the small group of Class War activists that carried out the intervention at the back of the stage in Parliament Square. A chance encounter with Len McCluskey as he departed from the back of the stage after speaking was a fortuitous bonus in that it prompted us to kickstart the intervention – he was vigorously challenged on the record of London Labour councils. The reaction of the assembled crowd at the back of the stage to the intervention was mixed – it didn’t turn into the lynch mob I was expecting. There were a number of people who while they disagreed strongly with the aim and tone of the intervention, rather than simply hurl abuse, did engage in some heated arguments with us – fair enough, heated arguments are what I thrive on! There were also enough curious bystanders to accept copies of the Class War paper when I decided to do an impromptu paper distribution while we were waiting for the Messiah in the form of Corbyn to turn up.

However, there were some fanatical Corbynistas who not only refused to engage with us but actively tried to drown us out by singing ‘Oh, Jeremy Corbyn!’ over and over again. It was at this point that the irrationality of the cult of Corbyn really started to hit home with a vengeance. The more fanatical element don’t see the need to engage in any form of debate or argument – all they do is endlessly repeat the name of their beloved leader. Once Corbyn rocked up behind the stage and we’d conducted the final part of our intervention, we then swiftly departed to return to the pub. We walked past Parliament Square at the the precise moment that Corbyn made his appearance on the stage. The chorus of ‘Oh, Jeremy Corbyn!’ from the assembled crowd seemed to reach a new, feverish height. While we were buzzing from the intervention we had made, at the same time, there was a disconcerting unease at the uncritical irrationality of the cult like worship of one individual.

Here we are in the 21st century and we’ve witnessed a square full of mainly well educated, predominantly middle class people singing the name of their hero over and over again. We’re talking about people, many of whom have been through higher education and university and supposedly imbued with the gift of critical thinking, mindlessly singing the name of their political hero. I know we’re living in what could be described as ‘interesting times’ but the level of irrationality that’s characterising politics is profoundly disturbing. We’ve seen the irrationality of the right at the Trump rallies during the US presidential elections last year and the scary slide towards ethno-nationalism across Europe. The left were incredibly vocal at the time in their condemnation of the mob mentality that was coming to the fore at some of the Trump rallies. Well, with the increasingly irrational, uncritical atmosphere at the Corbyn rallies over here, it’s becoming a case of the pot calling the kettle black!

The problem with the Corbynistas is that despite being presented with ample evidence of the complicity of London Labour councils in social cleansing, they’re in denial about it. Blind belief is over-riding thoroughly researched, fact based evidence. Even when Corbyn supporters acknowledge there’s a problem, they blame it on the Progress / Blairite faction of the party while claiming that it’s only Corbyn that has the power to purge these elements and thus put an end to the policies. The point is that Corbyn is well aware of what’s going on and in a cynical bid to gain power, he’s attempting to sweep the dismal record of London Labour councils under the carpet. Which may explain his extreme discomfort at being confronted with this record by a Class War activist on Saturday July 1st. As for what Corbyn really knows, we’ll leave it for our associates at Architects 4 Social Housing to explain in forensic detail: Jeremy Corbyn and the Haringey Development Vehiclehttps://architectsforsocialhousing.wordpress.com/2017/07/04/jeremy-corbyn-and-the-haringey-development-vehicle/

The obsession with Corbyn has gone a fair way to neutering radical action on the streets as a worrying number of so called radicals seem to be placing their faith in him eventually triumphing at the ballot box. Apart from the choreographed demonstration we witnessed on July 1st, independent, autonomous street actions seem to be few and far between these days. When there have been local protests in London, particularly over housing issues, as was seen in Haringey on the evening of Monday 3rd July when there was a protest against the implementation of the Haringey Development Vehicle (HDV), the likes of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) are all over them trying to co-opt and control what’s happening. One activist from an estate facing obliteration by the HDV took one look at the assembled SWP members as the march was forming up, took the principled decision he didn’t want to be associated with them in any way, shape or form, got back on his bike and rode away.

Every time the SWP co-opt a protest, they effectively throw a fire safety blanket over it, stifling any real anger that may lead to things getting out of control (for them). This is happening because the SWP have taken on board the agenda of supporting Corbyn, so as far as they’re concerned, any protest on housing issues in London has to be co-opted and managed by them to keep it on message and to stop the truth coming out. Not being based in London, I’m not up to speed on the exact details of what’s going on the estates across the capital that are under threat from ‘re-generation’. What I have managed to gather is that while the likes of the SWP and the Corbynistas are trying to co-opt and ‘manage’ resistance to estate demolition, many of the people on the estates are not buying it. This leaves some hope that genuinely, independent, autonomous and militant campaigns will start to prevail at some point.

What has to be born in mind is that the seemingly uncritical hero worship of Corbyn and the antics of the likes of the SWP is taking place inside an activist bubble. It’s an activist bubble that’s not even reaching the vast majority of residents on the estates in London who are threatened by ‘re-generation’. There’s a political vacuum here that needs to be filled… When you get out to the estates of Thurrock and Basildon where I operate, it’s a welcome reality check in that hardly anyone is talking about Corbyn and the SWP are non-existent! However, while on the one hand it’s refreshing to have a reality check, on the other, it’s an indication that there is a massive political vacuum that is waiting to be filled and there are plenty of the wrong elements around who would like to fill it. Which is why, in conjunction with comrades from Basildon & Southend Housing Action, we’ve produced this flyer to explain the realities of the housing crisis to folk out here…

With the Corbynistas and the Trots of the SWP, when it comes to operating in London, it’s hard to try and carve out an independent space we can operate in. In their own way, Class War and Plan C made a decent attempt to do that at the Tories Out! Protest on Saturday 1st July. It did occur to me that with the Class War intervention, given the hostility to the Corbynistas and Trots surrounding us, it was almost felt like we were counter-demonstrators who had managed to infiltrate the protest! It did lead me to wonder at what stage do we simply launch our own counter protest rather than bother to join another People’s Assembly point A to point B affair? Suffice to say, some serious and creative thinking on strategy and tactics is needed to enable genuine radicalism to carve out the space it needs to get its voice heard and to mobilise people into action.

Dave (the editor)

We are where we are…

On Saturday 10th June, the day after it became clear that Theresa May was seeking an arrangement with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) who operate in the occupied six counties in the north of Ireland, to prop up her ailing and battered government, the People’s Assembly held a ‘celebration’ event in Parliament Square. You don’t have to dig too deep to find out how reactionary and downright dodgy the DUP are: So, who are the DUP?https://www.opendemocracy.net/uk/adam-ramsay/so-who-are-dup In the circles we move in, there’s a visceral sense of rage at the DUP being invited to prop up a failing regime…

The People’s Assembly seemed to think that inviting people to Parliament Square to laze about in the early summer sun, listening to feelgood speeches and music while basking in the glow of Corbyn’s election campaign coming closer to nicking a result than many people thought was possible, was the best response to situation. Fortunately there were a few anti-fascist comrades at the event who were not content to laze about in the sun for the entire afternoon and who launched themselves onto Whitehall, suprisingly pulling about two thirds of the crowd with them to march up to Downing Street, onto Trafalgar Square and then back down to Parliament Square. When the protesters got back to Parliament Square, the MC on the People’s Assembly stage gave them a guarded welcome back but you could sense some irritation at people departing from the script.

This piece below is from our comrades in Class War and kind of sums up where we are:

Corbyn’s success means an end to mass protest on the streets.

Corbyn is relying on an obscure Commons procedures to get him into power when he could have called mass rallies. If that don’t work it’ll be the patient ‘one more heave strategy’ – win in 2022 so behave till then. No more will comrade McCluskey be fulminating in Hyde Park, nor the Trots who have their snouts in the trough, be patient comrades….be patient…

In this light it is well to read what SOLIDARITY wrote way back:

Meaningful action, for revolutionaries, is whatever increases the confidence, the autonomy, the initiative, the participation, the solidarity, the equalitarian tendencies and the self-activity of the masses and whatever assists in their demystification. Sterile and harmful action is whatever reinforces the passivity of the masses, their apathy, their cynicism, their differentiation through hierarchy, their alienation, their reliance on others to do things for them and the degree to which they can therefore be manipulated by others – even by those allegedly acting on their behalf.

What Saturday 10th June showed was that yet again, the Trots are acting as a fire safety blanket when it comes to protests on the streets, doing their level best to take any heat and visceral anger out of the situation. Here we are at the start of a major constitutional, political and eventually an economic and social crisis as events unfold, with a government looking to a bunch of quasi-fascists to prop them up, and the response of the organised left is to encourage people to laze around on the grass in Parliament Square feeling good about themselves. If there are to be any demonstrations on the streets, it seems they will be strictly on the terms of the organised left to the point where they will (continue to) be working hand in hand with the cops to police protest and flush out any militant, disruptive elements.

All of this is in the name of not rocking the boat and ensuring that Corbyn can either get into power if May’s attempts at propping up the government fall apart or play the long game and work for a victory in 2022. The stance of the organised left is based on the naïve assumption that the financial sector and the security and military establishment will happily roll over and accept a Corbyn government. There are elements who would not accept this: Unfriendly fire: would a Corbyn government lead to a military revolt?https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/jan/25/corbyn-trident-military-revolt-unfriendly-fire People, please wise up – a change of strategy and tactics is needed!

Even within anarchist circles, there have been some who were swept up with the excitement of the Corbyn campaign and not only said they would vote but were hectoring the rest of us to do so as well! Suffice to say, the debates and rows this triggered have not done the movement any favours at a time when we need as much unity and militancy as possible. However, what’s been done and said can’t be undone and we have to move on from this. Part of that process means finding a way of making the anarchist critique of the state more accessible to a wider audience…

There’s a massive body of literature out there about the role of the state and it has to be said that there are some people on the fringes of anarchism who would do well to re-read and discuss that work. If anyone wants to offer suitable readings on anarchism and the state that we can put into a reading list for future reference, please feel free to send them in to us (contact details can be found in About). For the moment, we’ll leave you with this one as a starter: B.2 Why are anarchists against the state?http://www.spunk.org/texts/intro/faq/sp001547/secB2.html

The rise of Corbynism is making many so called radical people think that the state is a neutral body that can be reformed and changed for the good of all if the right political party is in power, as opposed to the protection of vested interests. The intrinsic role of the state in maintaining the conditions for capitalism to carry on doesn’t seem to be registering in the minds of a lot of activists. The state can only survive and continue to carry out its role of maintaining capitalism because it’s backed by the threat of force. Should the current constitutional, political and eventually economic and social crisis get out of control, many activists may well be learning the lesson of the state using force to maintain the status quo the hard way.

When it comes to an understanding of exactly what the state is, we need to get our act together to ensure there’s no more backsliding into Corbynism by people purporting to be anarchists. We also need to find a way of mediating our critique of the state in an accessible and jargon free way to reach out to a wider audience. Last but by no means least, we need to get out on the streets in numbers before it’s too late!