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Downloadable publications

We’ve created a publications page on all three of our blogs where you can download printable PDFs of what we think are our more important pamphlets and documents.

Publications – South Essex Stirrer
Publications – On Uncertain Ground
Publications – The Estuary Alternative

Below are details of the three publications that we have put up so far on this blog. Obviously as this project develops, what pamphlets and documents go up depends on the purpose of and audience for each of the blogs we run. Eventually there will be a divergence as what may be of interest to readers of On Uncertain Ground will not be relevant to readers of The Estuary Alternative and vice versa.

A better future for the 3/4 estate in Vange
This was the final presentation we produced at the end of the Creating A Positive Revolution In Southend course facilitated by Graham Burnett and Sherry Fuller. The presentation is a long term vision for the future of the 3/4 estate in Vange which is on the southern fringes of Basildon in Essex. Along with Basildon & Southend Housing Action, we’ve been facilitating the work of the Vange Hill Community Group in empowering residents to start making their estate a better place to live.

Building the base for radical change
This is an explanation our strategy of building a movement for change from the grassroots upwards in our neighbourhoods. While it refrains from any criticism of other strategies and tactics to achieve radical change, it argues the case that there has to be a strong base in our communities. This piece draws on our experiences of working alongside Basildon & Southend Housing Action and facilitating the work of the Vange Hill Community Group.

Is cultural identity fixed or does it change? | Intersectionality – some tentative thoughts
These two pieces are basically me thinking out loud on the issues of cultural identity and intersectionality. Constructive criticism and civilised debate on what I’ve written are more than welcome.


Identity politics – a new section on this blog

I’m probably making a rod for my own back but I’ve put everything I’ve written over the last couple of years about various aspects of identity politics in one section on this blog – Identity politics. It’s probably fair to say that all of these pieces are me thinking out loud while trying to get to grips with complex and contentious issues and unwittingly dropping a few clangers along the way. Rather than have these pieces scattered all over this blog, I’ve put these writings in one place to make them easier to access. If for some unfathomable reason, any of you want to quote from any of these pieces, please bear in mind they’re attempts to either reach an understanding or express an opinion and should not be considered as definitive, scholarly statements in any way!

Once you’ve read through these pieces, apart from some links to readings in the list, you’ll notice the absence of anything on the issue of gender identity. This is because a) I’m still struggling to get my head round what’s a complex, sensitive and controversial issue and b) as the issue has not touched my lived experience and is not in my remit as a community / housing / class struggle activist, to be honest, I don’t feel that I’m qualified in any way to write about it.

As ever, constructive criticism and civilised debate on what has been written are more than welcome…

Dave (the editor)