There have been some changes on this blog

Regular readers of this blog will notice some fairly significant changes on here. Changes that come in the form of absences. These absences are of posts relating to the complex, sensitive and increasingly divisive issue of gender identity plus those on how this issue has divided our movement. Also missing are the readings on gender identity we had put in our identity politics reading list. There are valid reasons why we’ve made these changes which we’ll endeavour to explain.

We’ve been trying to get our heads round the issue of gender identity ever since the ‘events’ at the London Anarchist Bookfair last October. One major motive in doing this is trying to understand why this issue is dividing our movement and to see if there’s any chance of reconciliation between the factions. We’ve read a lot of material from all sides of the debate and to be honest, we’re still trying to work out why this issue has been allowed to split our movement in the way it has. Researching gender identity and trying to understand why it’s taken such a hold on the movement has been a time consuming, frustrating and painful experience. We’ve fallen out with long standing comrades because they’ve allowed themselves to get sucked into the vortex of gender identity politics.

What we want to do is draw a line under it and move on. First and foremost, we’re class struggle anarchists and grassroots community activists with more than a pinch of green and animal rights politics thrown in for good measure. This is what we want to get on with. We’re happy to work with groups and people as and when our agendas match each other. We no longer have the time, energy and inclination to get involved in the toxic rows over gender identity that are dividing our movement.

This is why we’ve stripped the content about gender identity and the effects the divisions over it are having on the movement out of this blog. We have kept the identity politics section but that’s mainly about cultural identity where we feel we’re on surer ground. From this point onwards, this blog will focus on taking a more in depth look at the issues we encounter in our work on the estates and which feature in our sister blog, the South Essex Stirrer. Hopefully, it’s onwards and upwards from this point…