An intersectionality reading list

Photograph by Peter Marshall

Rather than go into a detailed analysis / critique of the following selected readings on intersectionality, I’ll just leave them here for you to read and make your own mind up. All I will say is that each of them in their own way has helped to improve my understanding of what can be a complex but useful analytical tool. They have played a part in moving me from a position of scepticism about intersectionality to a growing appreciation of how it throws a light on how various forms of oppression interact…

Why intersectionality can’t waitKimberlé Crenshaw

Intersectionality and identity politicsRebecca Reilly-Cooper

Until All Are Free: Black Feminism, Anarchism, and Interlocking OppressionHillary Lazar

Is intersectionality just another form of identity politics?Feminist Fightback

Interestingly, there was an action on Thursday 11th May at the LSE by striking cleaners (and their supporters) which in my opinion, could be seen as having intersectional elements: LSE cleaners continue strikes for equality and dignity

Dave (the editor)